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Ketamine infusion combined with integrative therapy to help you renew your outlook

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  1. Physician led: Our doctors are experienced in the daily use of Ketamine. They have been specialty trained and Board Certified. They will create individualized treatment plans to assist you on your journey of healing. We do not believe in a model where everyone receives the exact same dose and does the same amount of infusions, everyone responds differently, and we will treat you like the unique person you are. 
  2. Focus on Set and Setting: We prepare you into a mind-set that enables you to have the best results before each infusion. Our clinic setting is a spa-like tranquil, private environment to promote healing.
  3. At RENEW, we specialize in the treatment of both mental health AND chronic pain conditions. In fact, Dr. Yanuck, is a Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician with years of experience treating various complex pain disorders.
  4. Included in our price is access to our Licensed Clinical Psychologist with specialized training and extensive experience in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Prior to your first infusion you will meet with the psychotherapist virtually to prepare for the infusion, and then following each infusion you will have access to this psychotherapist to integrate your experience. We strongly believe that while Ketamine itself is an extremely important tool in the healing process, an integrated psychotherapy program is just as important. Unlike most ketamine clinics who might recommend working with a therapist, we require it, and provide access to true experts in working with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

A medicine FDA approved in 1970, used widely everyday for its safety profile, for pain control and analgesia. Recent research demonstrates its effectiveness in treating mental health and pain conditions. Learn more

Ketamine is a molecule that works at many receptors all over the body. One of its main mechanisms is to block NMDA receptors, activating the Glutamate pathway. This creates new proteins that can help repair and re-connect cells. Learn more

a.) We take addiction and misuse very seriously. We are reassured by the existing data that does not show evidence of Ketamine being addictive. With that said, our staff will continually monitor you during the treatment period for any red flags and act accordingly. We reserve the right to withhold treatments at anytime if we suspect any signs of addiction or misuse, and we will work with your primary care team to ensure this is addressed expeditiously.

b.) As with any drug, there is always the possibility of abuse and harm. At Renew Ketamine Infusion, we only promote the therapeutic, safe and legal use of Ketamine under the supervision of our expert Medical Team.

Ketamine is an FDA approved medication. Off-label means using an approved medication for an unapproved indication. Many medications are used regularly off label daily. Because something is not FDA approved for certain use, just means that the initial application for FDA approval did not study it for that use. Extensive evidence exists now to support Ketamine’s effectiveness and safety, but new FDA trials are very unlikely to happen because the drug is generic, and no longer a brand drug.

Mental health and chronic pain conditions. Click here for more info

Ketamine is safe for almost everyone! Patients who should not use Ketamine are those with uncontrolled blood pressure/cardiovascular disease, active substance abuse where withdrawal could be deadly (such as benzodiazepines, alcohol), history of psychosis, acute suicidal ideation, active mania/delusions/hallucinations, allergy to Ketamine, untreated thyroid disease or glaucoma.

Ketamine does not work for everyone. Studies show response rates of up to 80% for depression. We will review your mood questionnaires periodically for results. All packages purchased are eligible for a refund of the unused sessions if you are not completely satisfied with your treatment.

You will receive your Ketamine via IV infusion. Based on research, this is the most bioavailable, customizable, and effective way to administer Ketamine.

You will undergo an initial free physician virtual consultation to ensure Ketamine is an appropriate therapy for you. Once this is done, you will be referred to our licensed clinical psychotherapist who will do a virtual evaluation and preparatory session for your first Ketamine session. Your expected treatment course will consist of 2-3 ketamine infusions a week for 2-3 weeks (for a total of 6 infusion during the induction phase), followed by an established taper/booster program as needed for maintenance of symptoms. After each ketamine infusion you will have access to our  licensed clinical psychotherapist to integrate your experience. 

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Dr. Tanya Dall and Dr. Justin Yanuck are the co-founders and owners of RENEW Ketamine Infusion. They are Board Certified Physicians experienced in the use of Ketamine treatments.

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Within hours. Effects can last a month or more.

View our online video to promote proper mind-set before your clinic visits.

No. Your included Physician consultation will address the appropriateness of our treatment program for you. We do recommend however, that you share your treatment progress with your primary care team which is made easy through the Osmind

We recommend no eating or drinking 6 hours. Excluding small sips of water to take any prescription medications. 

Yes. Ketamine can leave you tired and alter your judgment and ability to operate a vehicle for the remainder of the day.

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Our initial physician consultation is free and can be cancelled changed at anytime. We obviously would appreciate at least one day notice if this initial evaluation needs to be changed. After your initial free MD evaluation, we do charge a $300 non-refundable deposit if you are deemed to be a candidate for our Ketamine Therapy, and wish to proceed with our package.  Further details on our cancellation and appointment rescheduling policy will be provided to you in detail after your free initial evaluation and mutual agreement that you wish to proceed with the Ketamine Infusion Therapy.  If after the free initial physician consultation you are either deemed not to be a good candidate for ketamine therapy or do not wish to proceed with the Ketamine therapy, you will not be charged anything. 

Approximately 1.5-2.5 hours. The infusions are either 40 or 90 minutes depending on indication, and a 20 minute recovery period is  recommended in our tranquil lounge.

During the infusion, you might feel calm. A feeling of weightlessness or a sense of floating above your body is frequently described. You may also feel distress as you face your past. These experiences however, can lead to the most impactful breakthroughs. Afterwards, you may feel tired and emotionally drained. Use this time to reflect on your experience/journal.

The next day. However, you may feel heightened emotions for the next few days.

Ketamine is well tolerated, however, you may experience effects such as nausea, impared coordination, dissociation, confusion. Effects on immune system and bladder function are seen typically only at high and chronic doses, and are not expected with your treatment at RENEW.

As of now, we cannot confirm any reimbursement by insurance. With our partnership with Osmind, you can easily create a Superbill that will be used to submit to insurance with varying success.


our Physician will go over your medications in detail and discuss with you any medications that should be held, and which medications to continue taking. Most are ok to take through entire program. 

At this point, all our psychotherapy sessions are virtual and private. Please contact us with any special requests and we will accommodate as possible.

No such sessions are available yet. Please contact us with any special requests and we will accommodate as possible.

Osmind is a technology platform we have partnered with to increase your ease.


  1. Application for ease of scheduling
  2. Super bill for insurance claims
  3. Mood assessments to track your progress
  4. Ability to easily share your progress with primary care providers if desired

Up to 20% of patients can be non-responders. We encourage the use of the mood assessment tools so we can work together to track your progress. If you are not getting benefit from the treatment, we can work with you to help find alternative care. Any unused package sessions will be refunded.

a.) Every day, research into other effective psychedelic therapies continues. RENEW seeks to become a world leader in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, starting with the use of Ketamine.

b.) We hope to expand into the use of group/couple therapies and concierge service. Click here with any special requests.

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Ketamine infusion combined with integrative therapy to help you renew your outlook
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Ketamine infusion combined with integrative therapy to help you renew your outlook

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Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD) is unfortunately resistant to many forms of medical treatment including both medication and therapy.

Ketamine has been shown to be an effective, fast acting, safe option for patients with OCD. Over the course of the Ketamine infusions (2-4 weeks) neuroplasticity can lead to a change or abatement in the intrusive, repetitive thoughts and behaviors that typify OCD.

When combined with our unique post infusion integration process, patients with severe OCD can see profound relief of their symptoms.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.

Chronic Pain

“There is extensive research currently being done on this topic. I can say from personal experience as a practicing Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician, I have had patients with chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, who have had significant relief of their symptoms with Ketamine assisted therapy. With that said, Ketamine assisted therapy will definitely not work for everyone with chronic pain, and each patient will require a thorough evaluation to ensure they are an adequate candidate for a trial of Ketamine assisted therapy for relief of their chronic pain” -Dr. Justin Yanuck.

The current evidence of Ketamine assisted therapy for chronic pain is fairly mixed. The majority of studies only looked at ketamine infusion without any assisted psychotherapy.

Ketamine has the ability to lead to relief on its own (and the mechanisms for this have been well studied). We feel quite strongly that the real potential for Ketamine to provide relief, especially for chronic pain patients, is when combined with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy allows the individual to process their experience and build off this experience to lead to new psychological frameworks for processing both internal and external stimuli.

Pain is complex, and Ketamine assisted psychotherapy is not one-size-fits-all. Our treatment plan gives patients with treatment-resistant chronic pain and even opiate dependance a chance to try a different and effective treatment. Start here (button) for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a major public health concern, affecting up to 7% of Americans.

As many as half of all Americans with PTSD get inadequate relief from traditional treatments which include antidepressants, antipsychotics, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Ketamine combined with psychotherapy has been shown to be very effective at reducing the symptoms of PTSD. These effects last well beyond its near immediate relief.

Many mechanistic actions for how Ketamine works in PTSD have been proposed.

Ketamine allows people to reacquaint themselves with their past inciting trauma from an emotionally neutral perspective. Ketamine will not make you forget about the trauma. It can allow you to acknowledge its occurrence in a neutral way in order to not be continually re-traumatized by thinking about it.

Depending on the patient, outcomes can be noticed almost immediately with a sense of lightness and joy. Ketamine followed by psychotherapy has been shown to lead to significant relief of the burdens of PTSD.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.


Traditional treatments for anxiety will often either work poorly, have addictive properties, or severe side effects including brain fog and drowsiness. Furthermore, these treatments tend to have reduced efficacy over time, and lead to only transient relief of symptoms.

Ketamine, when combined with our novel integrative psychotherapy, can lead to significant relief of anxiety.

During the ketamine infusion and integration process, patients will often get a better understanding of their anxiety, and are able to reframe many of the triggers that often provoke their anxiety.

Ketamine has properties that allow for rewiring of the brain (new synapse formation and repair of existing synapses). Ketamine allows people to effect changes into their own lives. It shows people that they have the power to heal from within and take control of their relationship with anxiety.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.


Ketamine has been shown to be extremely effective and safe for patients with depression and treatment resistant depression (those who fail to get relief from two or more antidepressants).

Ketamine is highly effective at rapidly (within 2-8 hours) reducing depressive symptoms. Traditional antidepressants often take weeks to months to work.

Many traditional antidepressants have side effects including reduced libido, weight gain, GI upset, mood disturbances, and unfortunately require daily use for months to years.

Many antidepressants, even if they do work, require you to be on them for years, if not for the rest of your life.

Ketamine treatment has been shown in most patients to lead to resolution of symptoms without the need for any further medications.

Ketamine is not a medication meant to be taken for the rest of your life. The goal is to provide sustained relief after the completion of a set treatment plan. This is accomplished by combining the actions of Ketamine in the brain with psychotherapy. Additional enhancement sessions available as needed.

Unfortunately, there is a significant subset of patients that do not get significant relief from traditional cognitive behavioral therapy. Ketamine acts as a catalyst to stimulate a patient’s innate capacity for psychological healing. This allows patients to overcome past experiences and learned behavior to truly heal. Ketamine, combined with therapists who are specifically trained to work with psychedelic therapies, can lead to profound breakthroughs and deep psychological healing.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.

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