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Hello and welcome to Renew. We have been close friends and professional colleagues for several years now. We both have many years of daily experience treating patients with IV Ketamine. Through our work in the hospital Emergency Departments, we see firsthand the shortcomings and failures of traditional medicine for the treatment of mental health and chronic pain. We have developed a novel treatment program that can change your life in a safe and effective way.

We believe in the inherent medicinal properties of Ketamine and how these effects can be made exponentially greater with a robust integrative psychotherapy program.  We can’t wait to work with you to help you Renew your outlook on life.

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Meet The Doctors

Our Doctors

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Dr. Tanya Dall

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

Dr. Justin Yanuck

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician

Dr. Tanya Dall

Hello, my name is Dr. Tanya Dall. I am a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician. I was raised in a military, and completely non-medical, family. My interest in medicine was piqued in the 5th grade, while watching the hit TV show “TLC-Trauma; Life in the ER.” I was instantly fascinated by how the human body, specifically the brain, functioned. This interest has continued, as I have now shifted to focus on how psychedelic treatments can heal the mind.

I studied Human Physiology at the University of Arizona. I went on to obtain my Medical Degree at Georgetown University. I was blessed with the opportunity to return home to the West Coast to train at UC Irvine for my Emergency Medicine residency training.

I now work on staff in the Emergency Department at the Level 2 Trauma center Providence Mission Hospital, in Mission Viejo, CA. I also travel occasionally to rural Bisbee and Douglas, AZ to offer care to these underserved communities. I specialize in the safe and effective use of Ketamine in my daily practice. 

After many years of practicing Medicine, I realize the failures of Traditional Medicine to treat mental health and chronic pain. After much research, I believe psychedelic medicine is the future of treating such conditions.

Welcome, and I cannot wait to meet you and share more about how Renew can help!

Dr. Justin Yanuck

Hi, my name Is Dr. Justin Yanuck and I am board certified in both Emergency Medicine (University of California, Irvine) and Pain Medicine (Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital). My background is a bit atypical for most Emergency Medicine doctors, but throughout my residency I felt for many chronic pain patients that we would see in the emergency room, I didn’t quite know how to best help them. I decided to start doing research in the world of chronic pain, and this led me to pursuing a fellowship where I devoted an entire year to learning about pain management. I practiced in a private pain medicine clinic after this training, and throughout that time I came across a subset of patients that no matter what intervention you would do for them, or medication I would start, they wouldn’t get any robust relief.

While working in the emergency department, which I continue to do to this day, I have had extensive experience working with Ketamine for multiple reasons: procedural sedation, reduction in acute pain, and for calming hyperactive patients. Over the years, I started to become interested in the possibility that Ketamine could be used not just for these reasons but possibly other diseases as well. I’ve since dived into the existing literature on Ketamine as well as other emerging therapeutics including Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and I am convinced that these medications can really help people who are suffering. For now, Ketamine is the only legal medication to be utilized and is thus where my primary focus has been, and having heard from my own patients as well as reviewing the literature, I am convinced that Ketamine assisted therapy, for the right patient, can be a transformational treatment option.

Meet the Therapists


Sabrina Owen

Hello, my name is Sabrina Owen. I have been licensed in California as Marriage and Family Therapist since 1999. After growing up watching a family member struggle to find effective mental health treatment, I pursued a career in psychology – receiving my BA in psychology and my MA in counseling psychology. To further my practice, I stay up to date on the recent developments in mental health care. One of the most exciting advancements is the use of psychedelic treatments.

As I learned about the effectiveness of psychedelics in clinical trials and the need for psychedelic-informed and trained clinicians, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I completed a one-year psychedelic integration certificate program through Fluence in 2021, a six-month rater adherence training program from MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and an intensive ketamine three-day training at a well-known ketamine clinic.

Today, I provide compassionate, trauma-informed, and neuroscience-based psychotherapy. In addition to my experience providing psychedelic preparation, integration and harm reduction, my clients benefit from my over 30 years of professional experience and advanced training in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and most recently training in CIMBS (Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems). I look forward to working together to assist in your healing and well-being.

Our Clinic

Welcome to our clinic, where you will discover a tranquil, quiet, calming environment to enhance your healing. Everything about our clinic is designed and chosen with a deep level of intention to optimize a true healing environment. Let our unique setting support your path to renewal.

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Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD) is unfortunately resistant to many forms of medical treatment including both medication and therapy.

Ketamine has been shown to be an effective, fast acting, safe option for patients with OCD. Over the course of the Ketamine infusions (2-4 weeks) neuroplasticity can lead to a change or abatement in the intrusive, repetitive thoughts and behaviors that typify OCD.

When combined with our unique post infusion integration process, patients with severe OCD can see profound relief of their symptoms.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.

Chronic Pain

“There is extensive research currently being done on this topic. I can say from personal experience as a practicing Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician, I have had patients with chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, who have had significant relief of their symptoms with Ketamine assisted therapy. With that said, Ketamine assisted therapy will definitely not work for everyone with chronic pain, and each patient will require a thorough evaluation to ensure they are an adequate candidate for a trial of Ketamine assisted therapy for relief of their chronic pain” -Dr. Justin Yanuck.

The current evidence of Ketamine assisted therapy for chronic pain is fairly mixed. The majority of studies only looked at ketamine infusion without any assisted psychotherapy.

Ketamine has the ability to lead to relief on its own (and the mechanisms for this have been well studied). We feel quite strongly that the real potential for Ketamine to provide relief, especially for chronic pain patients, is when combined with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy allows the individual to process their experience and build off this experience to lead to new psychological frameworks for processing both internal and external stimuli.

Pain is complex, and Ketamine assisted psychotherapy is not one-size-fits-all. Our treatment plan gives patients with treatment-resistant chronic pain and even opiate dependance a chance to try a different and effective treatment. Start here (button) for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.

Start here for a free physician consultation to see if Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can help renew you.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a major public health concern, affecting up to 7% of Americans.

As many as half of all Americans with PTSD get inadequate relief from traditional treatments which include antidepressants, antipsychotics, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Ketamine combined with psychotherapy has been shown to be very effective at reducing the symptoms of PTSD. These effects last well beyond its near immediate relief.

Many mechanistic actions for how Ketamine works in PTSD have been proposed.

Ketamine allows people to reacquaint themselves with their past inciting trauma from an emotionally neutral perspective. Ketamine will not make you forget about the trauma. It can allow you to acknowledge its occurrence in a neutral way in order to not be continually re-traumatized by thinking about it.

Depending on the patient, outcomes can be noticed almost immediately with a sense of lightness and joy. Ketamine followed by psychotherapy has been shown to lead to significant relief of the burdens of PTSD.

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Traditional treatments for anxiety will often either work poorly, have addictive properties, or severe side effects including brain fog and drowsiness. Furthermore, these treatments tend to have reduced efficacy over time, and lead to only transient relief of symptoms.

Ketamine, when combined with our novel integrative psychotherapy, can lead to significant relief of anxiety.

During the ketamine infusion and integration process, patients will often get a better understanding of their anxiety, and are able to reframe many of the triggers that often provoke their anxiety.

Ketamine has properties that allow for rewiring of the brain (new synapse formation and repair of existing synapses). Ketamine allows people to effect changes into their own lives. It shows people that they have the power to heal from within and take control of their relationship with anxiety.

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Ketamine has been shown to be extremely effective and safe for patients with depression and treatment resistant depression (those who fail to get relief from two or more antidepressants).

Ketamine is highly effective at rapidly (within 2-8 hours) reducing depressive symptoms. Traditional antidepressants often take weeks to months to work.

Many traditional antidepressants have side effects including reduced libido, weight gain, GI upset, mood disturbances, and unfortunately require daily use for months to years.

Many antidepressants, even if they do work, require you to be on them for years, if not for the rest of your life.

Ketamine treatment has been shown in most patients to lead to resolution of symptoms without the need for any further medications.

Ketamine is not a medication meant to be taken for the rest of your life. The goal is to provide sustained relief after the completion of a set treatment plan. This is accomplished by combining the actions of Ketamine in the brain with psychotherapy. Additional enhancement sessions available as needed.

Unfortunately, there is a significant subset of patients that do not get significant relief from traditional cognitive behavioral therapy. Ketamine acts as a catalyst to stimulate a patient’s innate capacity for psychological healing. This allows patients to overcome past experiences and learned behavior to truly heal. Ketamine, combined with therapists who are specifically trained to work with psychedelic therapies, can lead to profound breakthroughs and deep psychological healing.

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Ketamine infusion combined with integrative therapy to help you renew your outlook

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